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Mindfulness for stress

An 8 week on-line course run in English for those who want to live better with stress, pain and illness

For now the group is complete. We will reach out to you when we have a place free :)
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Mindfulness for stress

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meetings live

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Each year hundreds of studies show that a regular practice of mindfulness:

  • helps to reduce stress
  • sleep better
  • be more creative
  • make better decisions
  • live better with pain and illness 
  • increases our well-being in general
  • an 8 Week Course is a good way to learn how to start with that and continue afterwards.


- what mindfulness is and how to practice it using different tools

- how the mind works in stressful situations and how to use that knowledge well

- how to be more present on everyday basis in your relationships and at work

- how to increase awareness of the body and how this matters in stressful situations and not only

- how to increase awareness of your own emotional and thinking habits and how to work with them

- how to create a more kind and friendly way of respoding towards yourself, your suffering and your inner critic


  • We meet every week on the same day and time for 2 hours
  • Meetings are hold via zoom or clickmeeting platfrom 
  • The group is between 3 and 10 participants 
  • It is important that each of us has an acces to: a computer or telephone connected to Internet, camera, speakers or headphones and microphone. For our meetings we advise you to choose a place where you feel safe and not distracted

After the course starts you receive a workbook and  aurdio recordings that will support you on this journey. 

An important part of it is your daily meditation practice which lasts 20 - 40 minutes a day. Please make sure you can make a space for it as on it mostly depends how much you benefit from the course. 

This course is not a teacher course which means that after it is finished you are not a mindfulness teacher yet. 

But it can be a very important and often a necessary step if you decide to start a teacher training :)



Mindfulness is the ability that each of us is born with - it's being able to be present - with curiosity, kindness and in a non-judgmental way with whatever is. Unfortunately - since our minds learn how to think and solve problems - they often find it hard to get out of that mode even if they can. You might have experienced it on holidays - lying on the beach or in bed, surrounded with nature and your beloved ones yet - thinking about the work or other struggles. That is the case for soooo many of us! And it happens because noone tought us how to let our MIND rest.

This - more than any difficult situation - keeps us stressed and tensed much more often than we need. Worried about the future or lost in the past memories we miss life that is actually happening - right here, right now. We forget how we got home after work, what our child said to us or how to relax with our partner after a tiring, long day. This affects our health, our well - being, relationships and work.

Mindfulness may help with that but is not a wonderful pill that solves all our problems. It will not make them disappear or never happen again. What it will help us to do is this - by coming back to the present moment we will learn how to see our experience in a wider perspective and not get lost in our thinking and emotions. 

In other words - mindfulness practice helps to relate differently to what is and allows us to see it more clearly. With this, learning to be more open and accepting we become more creative at responding to what happens rather than being just reactive (acting automatically)



Each Thursday from 20 April  7 PM - 9 PM

COST - 1200 zł / -10% off for early birds (who registered to the end of March) :)

After recieving the form I will contact you to make sure the course will be right for what you need. If you have any questions feel free to contact me: 

  • przestrzen.mindfulness@gmail.com
  • 660 783 816

Please note that the course is not a therapy nor psychotherapy and cannot and should not replace them. It might benefit you in many ways though even if you are in therapy. In such case please ask your therapist if this is what they advise you at the moment. In some cases we advise to put participation in the course off for another time and that is why we call you before the course starts.

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